Shipping Timeline

Shipping times can vary widely depending on the product you are ordering and how that product is fulfilled. On the product information page for any physical product you can find a "Fulfilled by" label directly under the product name. Use this label to find the expected shipping timeline for the product below. Please note that if your order contains products that are fulfilled by different vendors they will arrive in separate packaging.

Fulfilled by: Satanic Ministry

Time to ship: 1-2 weeks

Products fulfilled by Satanic Ministry are created in-house or are pre-ordered in bulk so that we have stock on hand. This includes certificates, official letters and legal documentation, and Pentacle award patches. Please read the product instructions carefully when you place your order: you will need to provide additional information in the comment box on the checkout page for many of our in-house products, for example: when ordering Certificates of Marriage, you must provide the names of the recipients, and the date and location of the ceremony to appear on the certificate. If you do not provide this information when you place your order it could cause delays.

Fulfilled by: Specialty Vendor

Time to ship: 4-7 weeks

This label specifically applies to the Basic Credentials Pack. The extended timeline is due to the custom Minister ID cards, which are engraved with your identification information by an outside vendor. We place ID card orders in batches on the 1st and 15th of every month, confirm the engraving proofs from the vendor 3-5 business days later, and the vendor typically ships the card batch to us 4-6 business days after we approve the proofs. Once we receive the ID cards, we match them with your ordination certificate and send the completed order to you.

If you are in urgent need of credentials, please purchase the Certificate of Ordination Replacement product instead of the Basic Credentials Pack, as this product is fulfilled internally and ships within 1-2 weeks (but doesn't contain the ID card).

Fulfilled by: Print On Demand

Time to ship: 3 business days

Products labelled as Print On Demand are printed by one of our vendor partners such as Printful, and are shipped by them directly to you. These products include pins, patches, stickers, and a variety of accessories. Please note that we have no control over the shipping timeline of these orders. However, if your order has defects or you have a question or complaint, please let us know and we will communicate with the vendor on your behalf to get it resolved.

Fulfilled by: The Satanic Estate

Time to ship: 4-6 weeks

Products fulfilled by The Satanic Estate are hand-crafted by the team of artists at The Satanic Estate. This includes hand-crafted Satanic Minister Stoles, both standard and custom designs. For highly customized orders you may be contacted by one of the Satanic Estate artists with follow-questions, which may lead to slightly longer shipping times.

Fulfilled by: Stick'n'Rope

Time to ship: 4 weeks or longer

Stick'n'Rope are a pair of artists living in Sweden who create custom blank books in an aged, antique style. The Satanic Temple Ministry commissions them to create Satanic ritual books exclusively for The Satanic Temple ministry. We order books in batches and have them sent to our location in Arizona, so your order will be shipped from the United States. If you live in Europe and believe that it would be faster or more efficient to have your order shipped directly to you from the artists, please contact the Ordination Council to arrange this option. The artists may not create books with the Satanic Ministry logo to send directly to customers without our explicit request, so please do not reach out directly to them.

The shipping time for these products is highly variable, depending on whether we have items in stock or need to order a new batch from the artists at the time of your order. Please reach out to the Ordination Council if you want to know the current expected timeline for an order placed today.