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A viāticum is traditionally a supply of money or provisions given to one who is setting out on a journey. Viātica are given as support to people we love who are taking on new challenges in their life, and a sign of confidence and affirmation that we believe their journey is important and worthwhile.

You can buy viātica as gifts that ministers can use to purchase items here at the Minister Supplies Store. Each viāticum functions like a gift card: it has a certain amount of money on it that can be used like any other payment method at the checkout for a purchase.

Like a gift card, a viāticum can be used multiple times as long as its value has not been depleted. It can also be combined with other payment methods at checkout. If you know of new recently-ordained Ministers of Satan in your congregation, show them a token of your appreciation by purchasing a viāticum for them to use the next time they visit the Minister Supplies Store!

    Select the amount of money you would like to put on the viāticum and click "add to cart". After your purchase, you will be provided a link and instructions on how to share this gift with the recipient.