Basic Credentials Pack

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The Basic Credentials Pack contains the basic documentation that identifies you as a legally ordained minister with The Satanic Temple:

  • Certificate of Ordination  (signed and sealed)
  • Minister's License Card (wallet-sized)

Both items bear your name, original date of ordination, and your unique minister's ID number. The Certificate bears the date of your last renewal, and the card bears the expiration date of your ordination.

You may choose from two certificate designs: Dark Lord and Fallen Angel. Both are custom designs created for The Satanic Temple Ministry by artist Randy Faust.

The Minister's License Card is the same regardless of what certificate style you choose.

We recommend that you purchase this basic package when you are first ordained and each time you renew, so that you have active (non-expired) legal identification on-hand for any situation where your ministerial services might be called. The turnaround time for these orders is currently 2-3 weeks.

You do not need to purchase new copies of these documents each time you perform a ceremony.

    !!!! IMPORTANT !!!!

    To legally perform weddings, you will need additional documentation. We recommend you only buy these additional materials once you know the date and location of the wedding you will perform.

    Once the wedding date and location are set, you must call or visit the County Clerk for the location where the ceremony is to be held to find out what additional documents you may need. This varies county by county.

    The Basic Wedding Pack + Basic Credentials Pack will be enough to cover the required documentation in most states.

    Some states additionally require the notarized Letter of Good Standing, which you can purchase separately if needed.

    If you plan to perform a wedding in an area with more complex requirements, such as New York City and Nevada, please contact the Ordination Council. We will be adding special add-on packages for those locations soon. Until that becomes available, we will work with you to ensure that you are able to legally perform a wedding in those areas.

    For more detailed step-by-step instructions, please look over the Officiating Your First Wedding guide that we make available free for our ordained ministers.