Certificate Design Information

Every certificate that we sell here at the Minister Supplies Store has been designed by artists specifically for The Satanic Temple. We are always looking for additional designs to offer, so if you are an artist and would like to submit a design to be sold here on the Minister Supplies Store, please send your design (or draft of a design idea) to the Ordination Council. Make sure you look at existing examples of certificate designs on this website to see what text and information needs to be included on each certificate.

Below are the artist details, and sometimes an artist statement, about each of the current certificate designs available. The identifying labels (e.g. Dark Lord Certificate, SIEGE, TSTNYC2021, etc) match what you will see in the "Certificate Design" selection box on the product page.

Certificate of Ordination

  • Dark Lord Certificate and Fallen Angel Certificate: These two designs were created by Randy Faust in 2019 exclusively for the official credentials for our ordained ministers. They represent two complementary Satanic aesthetic styles: the dark and brooding bestial aesthetic most closely linked to modern Satanism, and the light and beautiful angelic aesthetic inspired by Enlightenment depictions of Lucifer.

Certificate of Satanic Scholarship

  • SABRA2021: This design was created for graduates of our online training program (both ordained and non-ordained) by Shannon Sabra, a member of TST Atlantic Canada.

Certificate of Marriage

  • SIEGE: This design was created by Siege Thorne in 2021, and comes in three variations that describe the way the two skulls are ornamented: Crown+Crown, Horns+Horns, Crown+Horns. Seige also has provided this statement about the design: "This certificate symbolizes the importance of both unity and autonomy in marriage. Seven types of flowers border the frame. The rose, standing for love, represents the union taking place. The other six flowers represent six of the seven sins: Envy (the hydrangea) denotes empathy and emotion, and the give-and-take nature of relationships; Gluttony (the sweet pea) celebrates the pursuit of pleasure and joy; Greed (the Peruvian lily) bids good fortune and the desire to always continue growing together; Lust (the ranunculus) is a desire to carry passion into the future of the relationship; Pride (the lily) reminds us of the fragility of trust; Sloth (the white poppy) carries a wish for peace and harmony in the relationship. The skulls stand as the acknowledgment that our mortality adds weight to our commitment of marriage."

Certificate of Commitment

  • SIEGE: This is a simple variant of the Certificate of Marriage design created by Siege Thorne (see above).

Certificate of Unbaptism

  • TSTNYC2021: This design was created by Sandy Frank and Minister of Satan Joe Dee of the New York City congregation. It was originally designed for unbaptisms performed within their own congregation, and has been adapted with permission to be used by any Ministers of Satan performing an unbaptism ceremony.
  • INFERNI2021: This design was created by Zoey Inferni of the Indiana congregation. Zoey has also provided this statement about the design:
    Crimson apples drip with liberation. Goats bleat in rebellious joy. Dark spirits dance, and finally you are free. These are the elements that I wanted to reflect in my unbaptism design: Apples lend strong Satanic symbolism of knowledge, liberation, and free will while the dancing goats represent the happiness that comes with being unbound from theistic superstition. In addition, the goats represent our religion's iconic Baphomet with their angelic wings and the torch of knowledge.

Certificate of Affirmation

  • URZULO2023: This design was created by Urzulo Glaviano of the Southern California congregation. Urzulo has also provided this statement about the design:
    This certificate commemorates the ritual act of the affirmation of one's identity. The image of the Leviathan is evocative of the strength and power it takes to be proudly and unapologetically oneself, a process that may involve the destruction of labels and a gender that society has incorrectly imposed. The old genders assigned at birth are crushed as the Leviathan invites you to gaze upon yourself in the mirror, admire your true form and declare to the world how you will be addressed, henceforth. Hail yourself, you irrepressible being!