How To Order

1. Check Shipping Times

Every product has a "Fulfilled By" label under the product name on the product page. Different providers have different fulfillment timelines. Go to our Shipping Timeline page to see the expected shipping time for each product based on its fulfillment vendor.

2. Check Legal Requirements

If you are ordering products in preparation for a wedding you are officiating, make sure you have contacted the office responsible for registering ministers (usually the County Clerk for the location where the ceremony is to be held) to find out whether you need to register before officiating the wedding and, if so, what documents you may need to provide. Make sure you call the office to confirm the most up-to-date and accurate information: much information about these requirements on the web is out of date or simply incorrect.

3. Select Product Options

If you are ordering a product that has different styles (e.g. certificates that come in multiple designs), make sure you have selected the design you want before you click the "Add To Cart" button. Read the description of the options carefully, and look carefully at the corresponding images. Information about the artists who created our custom certificate designs can be found on our Certificate Designs page.

4. Provide Required Information At Checkout

There are many products that require specific custom information in order for us to complete your order. For example, certificates often be printed with the names of the certificate recipient(s) as well as the location and date of the ritual or ceremony. You must provide this information exactly as it should appear on the certificate in the comment box that appears on your "checkout" page before you fill out your payment information.

5. Complete required paperwork

If you are ordering products for a particular ritual, make sure you have filled out the Ritual Notification Form on your Minister's Dashboard either prior to ordering the product or immediately after you have placed your order. If you are unsure whether certificates will arrive in time for you to hand them to your ritual participants at the event itself, you have the option of entering the participants' address as the shipping information for your order to send the certificates directly to them.