Certificates of Unbaptism

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Order these beautiful, full-color certificates to present to participants at the end of a ritual of Unbaptism to commemorate their liberation from the chains of theistic religion. Each certificate is printed on high-quality certificate paper and is affixed with the official seal of The Satanic Temple.


    If you are planning an Unbaptism Ritual, first submit your Ritual Notification Form on the Minister's Dashboard. Then order certificates to hand out to your participants at the end of the ceremony. Make sure you order early enough for the certificates to arrive in time for your ritual. Your name and the location of the event will be filled in automatically.  You have two options for participant names:

    Option 1: When placing your order, you may provide a list of names of the unbaptized so that they can be printed directly on the certificates. Please enter these names exactly as they are to appear on the certificates in the comment box on the checkout page. This is the best option if you have a fixed list of attendees for your ritual that you know ahead of time, so you can provide a personalized printed certificate for each participant.

    Option 2: If you would like the certificates to be printed with the blank line for the recipient's name only, please type "no names on certificates" in the comment box on checkout. This will allow you to fill in the names at the time of the event. Your name and the location of the event will still be printed on the certificates.

    If you leave the comment box blank, we will reach out to you via email to get positive confirmation that you want the certificates to be printed without names for the recipients. This may delay fulfillment of your order.



    TSTNYC2021 was created by Sandy Frank & Minister of Satan Joe Dee of the New York City congregation.


    CALL FOR ARTISTS: We currently only have one certificate design available. Are you an artist and a member of The Satanic Temple? Would you like to submit a design for an Unbaptism Certificate that may appear on this site for our ministers to order? Please reach out to ordination@thesatanictemple.com and let us know!