Certificates of Marriage

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Order these intricate, highly symbolic certificates of marriage to present to the happy couple at the never wedding ceremony you preside over. Each certificate is printed on high-quality certificate paper and is affixed with the official seal of The Satanic Temple.


    If you are planning to officiate a wedding, first submit your Ritual Notification Form on the Minister's Dashboard. Then order certificates to hand to the happy couple at the end of the ceremony. Make sure you order early enough for the certificates to arrive in time for the wedding ceremony. The names, date, and location printed on the certificates will match the information you enter on the Ritual Notification Form.

    You may want to sit down with the couple before the wedding to look through the certificate designs available here. This will allow them to choose the perfect design to express their Satanic commitment to each other.



    The SIEGE series was created by Siege Thorne, with the following statement: "This certificate symbolizes the importance of both unity and autonomy in marriage. Seven types of flowers border the frame. The rose, standing for love, represents the union taking place. The other six flowers represent six of the seven sins: Envy (the hydrangea) denotes empathy and emotion, and the give-and-take nature of relationships; Gluttony (the sweet pea) celebrates the pursuit of pleasure and joy; Greed (the Peruvian lily) bids good fortune and the desire to always continue growing together; Lust (the ranunculus) is a desire to carry passion into the future of the relationship; Pride (the lily) reminds us of the fragility of trust; Sloth (the white poppy) carries a wish for peace and harmony in the relationship. The skulls stand as the acknowledgment that our mortality adds weight to our commitment of marriage.


    CALL FOR ARTISTS: We currently only have one certificate design available. Are you an artist and a member of The Satanic Temple? Would you like to submit a design for a Wedding Certificate that may appear on this site for our ministers to order? Please reach out to ordination@thesatanictemple.com and let us know!