Certificates of Commitment

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Order these intricate, highly symbolic certificates of commitment to present at the ceremonies you preside over. Each certificate is printed on high-quality certificate paper and is affixed with the official seal of The Satanic Temple.

Because The Satanic Temple affirms the value and importance of the many forms that mutually committed relationships may take, this certificate leaves enough space to include any number of names for the participants in the commitment ceremony who are affirming their value and dedication for each other. The photos show samples of each of the three certificate design variations both for a couple and for a polycule for illustration.


    If you are planning to lead a commitment ceremony, first submit your Ritual Notification Form on the Minister's Dashboard. Then order these certificates to hand to the participants at the end of the ceremony. Make sure you order early enough for the certificates to arrive in time for the ceremony. The names and date printed on the certificates will match the information you enter on the Ritual Notification Form. If the participants have any special requests concerning the way the names are displayed, please include that information on the checkout page when you order these certificates.

    You may want to sit down with the participants before the commitment ceremony to look through the certificate designs available here. This will allow them to choose the design with which they feel the strongest connection.



    The SIEGE series was originally created are a Certificate of Marriage design by Siege Thorne, and was modified so that it could be adapted for commitment ceremonies. You can find more information about the SIEGE designs on the Wedding Certificates page.


    CALL FOR ARTISTS: We currently only have one certificate design available. Are you an artist and a member of The Satanic Temple? Would you like to submit a design for a Commitment Certificate that may appear on this site for our ministers to order? Please reach out to ordination@thesatanictemple.com and let us know!