Basic Wedding Pack

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Do you need to register as a minister before performing a wedding? We've got you covered! This package allows you to purchase two Satanic Certificates of Marriage and receive a Church Description Statement and Consent for Registration for just two pennies more! Both letters are printed on official Satanic Ministry letterhead and signed by the Director of Ministry.

This Basic Wedding Pack contains four items:

  • 2 Certificates of Marriage in the design of your choice, bearing the information for the ceremony and recipients that you provided when you filled out the Ritual Notification Form for this wedding.
  • 1 Church Description Statement is an official letter describing and attesting to the authenticity of The Satanic Temple as a recognized church.
  • 1 Consent for Registration is an official letter to the county or city official where you are registering that confirms The Satanic Temple's consent to your registration as an officiant.
Please don't purchase this product if you are officiating in a state that does not require you to register! Check with your local state or county officials. If you do not need to register, you may prefer to order the Certificates of Marriage individually instead of purchasing this product.


    Before you proceed, be sure to submit your Ritual Notification Form on the Minister's Dashboard. You may want to sit down with the couple before the wedding to look through the certificate designs available here. This will allow them to choose the perfect design to express their Satanic commitment to each other.

    You must call or visit the office responsible for registering ministers (usually the County Clerk for the location where the ceremony is to be held) to find out what additional documents you may need. This varies county by county.

    The Basic Wedding Pack + Basic Credentials Pack will be enough to cover the required documentation in most states.

    Some states additionally require the notarized Letter of Good Standing, which you can purchase from this store if needed.

    Some cities, such as New York City and Las Vegas, require you to fill out additional forms that they provide on their websites. For more detailed step-by-step instructions, please look over the Officiating Your First Wedding guide available to our ordained ministers through the Minister's Dashboard.

    See the Certificate of Marriage page
    for certificate artist and design information.