Certificate of Ordination Replacement

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This beautiful Certificate of Ordination bears your name, original ordination date, unique minister's ID number, and carries the official seal of The Satanic Temple. You may choose from two certificate designs: Dark Lord and Fallen Angel. Both are custom designs created for The Satanic Temple Ministry by artist Randy Faust.

    NOTE: When you purchase this product, you will only receive a single Certificate of Ordination. It is the same certificate that is included as part of the Basic Credentials Pack. You are encouraged to purchase the Basic Credentials Pack instead of this product when you are first ordained so that you have an ID card.

    Consider buying this product when:

    • Your previous certificate is lost or damaged.
    • You have renewed your ordination and you would like an updated certificate, but you don't need an updated ID card.
    • You would like to own both the Fallen Angel and Dark Lord versions of your certificate.

    Because Certificates of Ordination can be used as identification when registering to perform wedding ceremonies, this certificate will bear your legal name. For more information about using credentials to register as a wedding celebrant, check out the product description for the Basic Credentials Pack.